Post-Election update (11/15 @ 6:30PM)

Dear supporters,

We are left with about 4,200 mail ballots left to count. A great majority of conditional ballots will be counted on Monday’s update, which we should expect to see a huge boost to Justin and Drew! After that, we will have nothing but provisional ballots left.

Justin continues to solidify 2nd place! But we are 104 votes away from 1st place!! This means Justin could not only become a city council member but he may very well become the next vice-mayor of Santa Cruz!!

More good news: Drew Glover just hit 4th place, overtaking incumbent Richelle!!! We may very well not just see one but TWO progressives elected, giving Santa Cruz the first progressive majority it has had in 16 years.

Stay tuned!!


Faisal Fazilat (Faz)
Campaign organizer